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Welcome To The Sunny Leone’s NFT Universe

The Sunny Leone NFT Metaverse is a collection of NFT’s - unique digital collectibles that will live on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Sunny Leone NFT is your membership access pass to the Exclusive content, Perks, and Access in Sunny Leone Metaverse

Bollywood's First Ever NFT Collection

Join Sunny Leone’s World of NFT’s with 1,000 NFT’s that are 100% unique, this is your chance to collect Bollywood's First NFT Collection.

Limited Time



NFT’s Editions



Exclusive Access w/ NFT’s

Your Sunny Leone NFT Gives You Access to special NFT Membership perks like Unlockable Content, Access to Private Discord Channels, and Early Access to Future Drops.

Join the Future!

NFT Roadmap

We’ve got surprises up our sleeve! With Each Milestone, we will unlock a new layer for the NFT community.

Imagine using your own NFT, you will be able to access Exclusive Content and Once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with Sunny Leone.

The Roadmap will reveal itself at the time of the first NFT Release.

Unlock an Exclusive ExperienceWith Every NFT

Get Early Access and Updates For The Collection

Get Early Access To The Sunny Leone NFT Release

About The Sunny Leone NFT Collection

Breaking the norm and pushing boundaries at all times, the superstar and visionary Sunny Leone is launching Bollywood's First NFT Release with a beautiful collection of art and exclusive unlockables that deliver an experience like never before.