Welcome To Misfitz

Welcome to Misfitz by Sunny Leone - Misfitz is a collection of 9,600 NFT’s that are completely unique, minted on the ethereum blockchain.

Misfitz has been covered in Forbes and is a groundbreaking project, becoming the first NFT collection ever released from a Bollywood star and is changing the game forever!

Misfitz is a utility based project and each Misfit can be used to unlock exclusive content, experiences, and your membership to the Misfitz Metaverse.

Misfitz Collection Rarity + Attributes

Misfitz are designed with 3 main Characters that are designed from top to bottom with unique costumes including over 160+ hand drawn attributes!

Membership Benefits

Giving NFT utility to each Misfit, each can be used to unlock exclusive content, experiences, and your membership to the Misfitz Metaverse.


Misfitz is a historical release with collectable value and displayable avatars with hand made art made exclusively for the collection


Owners of the Misfitz NFT collection get instant access to the Misfitz Metaverse with a next level digital entertainment experience platform already powered by Mintdropz that will be instantly unlockable for members once the collection sells out


Misfitz will get invite only event access by events hosted by Sunny Leone and the Misfitz community. Once in a lifetime opportunities to intimate events worldwide.


Misfitz delivers value for collectors that will be unlocked on the 2.0 roadmap after sale completion including airdrops, merch drops, collaborations, and more!


Misfitz collectors get access to the exclusive Misfitz merch shop that will offer apparel and special physical goods!

Exclusive Content

Misfitz collectors get access to the exclusive Misfitz content from Sunny Leone and the Misfitz team that deliver a behind the scenes look at the collection, Sunny Leone’s life, and original content


3 ETH of all secondary sales will be financing the Misfitz community wallet and allocated to giving back to the community


Misfitz collectors get an exclusive airdrop at the completion of Misfitz in a whole new look and style that will be extra rare!


You never know what we have up our sleeves! We have big things planned for the project!


25% SOLD

The Party Starts

Misfitz will give a community airdrop to 100 collectors of an exclusive Misfitz special edition NFT.

Misfitz will also giveaway 3 ETH to the community giveaways!

50% SOLD

Community Winning

The second round of airdrops begin! Misfits will airdrop over 1000 collector an exclusive NFT and we’ll do a community raffle for a chance to win major prizes!

75% SOLD

Exclusive To The Next Level

Misfitz is going mobile! Misfitz will release an exclusive app for collectors only to access content, merch, private discord channels, and even direct access to message Sunny!

100% SOLD

The Metaverse Unlocked

Misfitz roadmap 2.0 is then activated and will open up the metaverse and start launching our first virtual event for all collectors to attend and announce the first physical event!

All Misfitz holders will get an exclusive NFT airdropped to their wallet that will not be available for anyone outside the collector community.

Misfitz will do a special raffle and giveaway with multiple prizes and opportunities to meet the Misfitz community and Sunny Leone!